Cleaning a house can sometimes be heavy housework. Especially when we are very busy with work, just welcomed the birth of a baby, or are lazy or not in the mood. We can outsmart it by arranging a house that always looks neat and clean, even though the floors are not swept for days. Meanwhile, you may need to call the best professional carpet cleaning services if you want to hire the professional carpet cleaners.

Here are 10 tricks for cleaning a house that will save you energy.

1. Gray table and floor in the kitchen

We all like white-nuanced kitchens. But the spots of dust and dirt will be easily visible. Choose gray for coating your kitchen table. Also, use a gray floor so that the kitchen looks clean longer.

2. No need to be painted

Brick walls look attractive without needing to be painted. You can also save energy.

3. Concrete and marble

Concrete and marble are other materials that still look attractive when they are dirty. But these two ingredients are also easy to clean.

4. Rustic style

The rustic style is quite ideal as an interior style because it only requires less maintenance than other interior styles. Refined masonry, wood and cement walls look attractive as they are.

5. Use wood fiber

Hardwood floors do not look dusty because dust is disguised by grooves or wood fibers. You also don’t need to clean the floor every day.

6. Stone exterior walls

Stone walls are weather resistant and always look fantastic. Natural stone upholstery is slightly more expensive, but you don’t need to paint it any time.

7. Cactus and succulent garden

Cactus and succulent gardens like pictures are the solutions if you don’t want to be burdened with the responsibility of caring for ornamental plants.

8. Dark paint

Dark color walls are a brilliant option for disguising the appearance of uninvited spots.

9. Board on the wall

Wood-paneled walls are simply cleaned with a cloth dipped in vinegar and water.

10. Dark floor in the bathroom

The bathroom floor is very easy to get dirty. Brightly colored bathroom floors need to be cleaned regularly. While the dark bathroom floor can disguise the stain for longer.

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