Usually, the price is one of the considerations before you buy a watch. Each type of watch has a different price. Even sometimes different outlets can sell hours with the same brand but different prices. Try searching for the original reference price of the watch through the official website of the watch brand that you want. Then compare the prices offered by each outlet. Yes, you can go to the nearby store for citizen watch eco drive purchase, but don’t focus only on the price of the watch product.

Maybe the size of the watch sounds not too important to consider. In fact the aesthetic value of a watch will decrease if it turns out that it doesn’t match the size of your wrist. Choose the size of the watch that matches the size of your wrist so that the clock is perfectly circular. If your wrist is small and thin, try choosing a size that is not too big with a small strap. Conversely, if your wrist is quite stocky and big, avoid small watches with small straps.

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