This is how to sort organic and non-organic household waste

Household waste is certainly a lot of waste. One house can produce a lot of household waste which if not handled properly can cause big problems. So, handling household waste properly will make the environment better. One way that you can use is to use the services of dumpster rental Watertown NY. They provide dumpsters and can manage the waste you produce.

Household waste usually consists of two types, namely organic waste and non-organic waste that must be separated before being dumped in the trash. For those of you who will dispose of trash, make sure that you provide two types of bins before sorting them out.

Use a different color bin for each type of garbage. You can also stick paper with any items including organic waste and any items including inorganic waste. This is prepared to facilitate those who do not yet understand the difference between organic and inorganic waste.

Because of the nature of the material, the two types of household waste have different processing methods. Inorganic waste can be processed by recycling into new products. For example glass bottles used as jam containers can be used as flower vases, or kitchen spice containers. While organic waste can be processed into compost in an easy and simple way. It doesn’t matter if you have very limited land. Processing organic waste into compost can be done using buckets, pots, used cans or the like.

First, make a hole in the bottom of the container and then place it in a container (which is larger in size) that can hold seepage from inside. Add organic waste to the container every day. Sprinkle with a little soil, sawdust or lime regularly. After full, cover the container with soil and leave it for two months. The container is ready to be made as a pot with compost in it as a planting medium.