Things That Make Your AC Can’t Get Cool After It Has Been cleaned

There are times when shortly after AC washing the owners are disappointed by the reduced quality of the cold air produced by the AC. So why did this happen? Meanwhile, we also recommend you to consult with the most trusted aircon servicing singapore whenever there’s something wrong with your AC.

For homes that do not have various types of home ventilation, air conditioning is the most important component. In addition to leaks in the freon section, there are times when the AC is not cold which occurs due to loose connection after washing. To overcome this, tighten the connection back or loose screw bolt so that the air flow becomes more smooth. After that, add the Freon pressure from the same type of freon used by the AC and according to the maximum threshold pressure (ampere) of the AC compressor engine.

In addition, other factors that cause the air conditioner not to cool after washing are the presence of dust in the indoor evaporator or outdoor condenser. This often happens for air conditioners that are already too dirty. It’s not just a technician’s fault, because washing the air conditioner in an installed state cannot be done as a whole because the cleaner or sprayer cannot reach all parts of the air conditioner, especially in narrow corners.

The dust can cause cold air that cannot be spread into the room. To overcome this, you can clean the indoor filter yourself at least once a week. The way to clean the filter is to open the top part of the indoor lid. Then take the filter and wash it thoroughly with detergent. Then dry it until it is completely dry. For maintenance or servicing of the room itself, do at least 3 months for cooling the private room or once in 2 months for the air conditioner used in the office. In the meantime, you can make a cold room without air conditioning before fixing your air conditioner.