Anti-Theft Alarm Types

Often feel insecure with security around the home environment? Maybe now is the time for you to hunt home alarms that make the thief’s thief and dare not get close! With the number of criminal cases click here , you may think about House Alarms Dublin installation with the help of a professional technician.

Disasters can indeed come anytime and anywhere. Even though you have installed various kinds of security protection at home starting from high fences, mineralized doors, and windows, etc., your house is not necessarily free from thieves. Not only that, the multi-layered trellis will reduce the aesthetics and comfort of the house.

Anti-theft alarm for doors and windows

the easiest to use burglar alarm is a mini-shaped alarm that you can install on doors and windows. You simply stick it using double-sided tape and turn on the alarm before you sleep at night or when you leave the house. The way it works is that when the door or window of your house is opened, the alarm will ring very loudly and make the thief panic instantly and run away.

Anti-theft Safety Padlock

This alarm lock is very useful for those of you who have many vehicles at home. Be it a motorbike or bicycle, hook this anti-theft lock on the wheel. When touched or forcibly opened, the padlock will produce a deafening sound. Anyone who dares to mess with your favorite motorbike will surely be shocked and choose to run landing hunting.

Alarm Motion Sensor with Infrared

For your information, this type of alarm is a more sophisticated door/window alarm version because it uses infrared technology to detect movements of unknown people while roaming around your home. Of course, anyone will not escape this infrared detection unless the thief is a big thief like James Bond who can avoid this motion sensor.