This Is the Effect of Spinal Nerve Disorders in Paralysis

Accidents can indeed happen to anyone and cause various disorders of the body. many people have car accidents and eventually experience nerve disorders in their spine. This can indeed occur if there is a hard impact on some parts of the body DOT physical. If this has happened, all you need is proper handling. One of the right treatments that you can do is chiropractic. You can choose the Southside Jacksonville Chiropractor as a treatment for your symptoms.

In some cases, disorders of the spinal cord can even cause paralysis. This can happen because the spinal cord has a very important role in sending signals from the brain throughout the body and vice versa. When the spinal cord has a disturbance, it can cause damage to some bodily functions. One of them is the loss of motor sensors and motion control which can lead to paralysis.

When a person experiences this disorder, treatment and treatment must be done immediately. Therefore, this condition will not develop and can speed up the recovery period. Delaying treatment can also worsen the condition and cause complications. Spinal cord injury can occur due to damage to the tissues, pads, bones or the spinal cord itself.

In addition, there is a shift, broken, or sprained on the spine due to an accident or because of exercise. The type of injury was named a traumatic spinal cord injury. In addition, there are also non-traumatic spinal cord injuries, namely injuries that occur due to certain health conditions. For example cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, abnormalities of spinal growth from birth, to inflammation of the spine.

If seen from the symptoms that appear, spinal cord injury is divided into two, namely injury with complete symptoms (incomplete) and incomplete symptoms. In overall symptoms, this injury can cause the sufferer to lose all sensory abilities and movement control. Conversely, if the symptoms that appear do not occur as a whole alias only attacks certain parts, then it is an injury with symptoms that are not comprehensive.