Another Important Thing To Keep In Mind When Choosing Curtain

With the various types of curtains available out there, you will need guidelines to simplify your choices. In general, many of us consider ผ้าม่านราคาถูก and try to look for a good way to get it. However, if you focus solely on the price, the chance is that you will make the mistake. It then impacts on the satisfaction and quality of the curtain that you will buy. Simply talk, consider any other things that you may need when choosing the curtain while seeking affordable curtain products.

Before ordering a curtain, you must first decide how high your curtain is located above the window. It is best to install the curtain higher than your window will create a high feel of the room. Therefore, interior designers may choose to install a curtain of 15 cm above the window in order to make the room looks bigger. When measuring the width of a curtain, add 10-20 cm on both sides, then the overall size of the fabric is multiplied by 2 to cover your entire window perfectly.