Be quiet and polite when you’re watching a movie at the cinema

Sometimes there are people who feel like cinema owners, especially when watching in groups with groups. Every scene was commented aloud as if watching television in its own room. Maybe those people thought we will be entertained by the comments, even though it’s really annoying. Come on, don’t imitate someone like this. Just scold that person politely, and if it doesn’t work, report it to the cinema clerk. Apart from that, perhaps you need to check out Movie Prices at RoxysPrices website.

Besides that, keep your feet from shaking the other audience seats too.

If you sit in a premium studio with a special seat, just sit as you please. However, if in a regular cinema where you sit in a row and close together, avoid rocking on the chair, because it will affect other users of the chair.

Similarly, kicking your legs into a chair in front of you, try to imagine that you are treated like that. Must be annoyed! Finally, and hopefully, no one has done it again, don’t put your foot on the audience’s headrest in front of you. Besides not being polite and dirty, it also violates cinema rules!