Get To Know Some Types Of Startup

In the midst of recent rapid technological developments, there are various types of new companies that have surfaced. One of the many companies that appear is startup. Here, we will explain what startup and startup type is. Visit the website of Jeremy Page founder to get information.

In a sense, a startup is a company that is still in the pioneering stage. You could say, startup is a company that just stood up. However, nowadays the notion of startup is associated with technology-based companies, because many startup companies use technology as their platform.

The types of startup also vary depending on where the startup field is moving. However, on average, this type of startup is currently targeting aspects that are not far from human life, providing convenience for its users. In order not to be confused, let’s get to know the type of startup that is currently rife in Indonesia. Here are a few:

Startup in the Games Field
One type of startup that is now being loved is a startup in the field of games. For millennials, playing games on their smartphone or android has become a habit to fill their spare time. This is in line with the many choices of games that you can download on a smartphone. For those of you who will start a business in the startup field, you can choose this type of startup. These types of startup games can bring huge profits, especially if packaged properly so that they can attract attention not only millennials, but also children.

Startup in Commerce
Do you know of e-commerce applications that you often use to shop online? Well, that’s one of the startups too. E-commerce applications are a type of startup in the field of trade, accommodating the present age when buying and selling transactions of goods start to switch to online platforms. The benefits of shopping with this type of startup in the trading sector are quite a lot. In addition to energy that is not wasted, prices in e-commerce applications are usually cheaper. You also don’t need to waste energy by going to a shopping center. Simply open your smartphone or android, you can get the item you are looking for.