These Are Two Opinions of Koreans About Plastic Surgery In Their Country

Plastic surgery is always synonymous with South Korea. The country that is currently being highlighted in the world because of its culture is indeed always synonymous with the plastic surgery process carried out by most of its citizens. In fact, ศัลยกรรมเกาหลี is already famous in other countries. In fact, the opinions of Koreans themselves about plastic surgery in their country are quite complex and must be understood. Some of their opinions are

1. They are also uncomfortable with the nickname of all Koreans doing plastic surgery
As we already know, people from other countries are no exception, Indonesia knows South Korea as a country whose citizens like to do plastic surgery. Apparently, this was quite disturbing for Koreans, because not all Koreans want and like to do plastic surgery.

2. Many media are too negative about this problem
The fact that plastic surgery is already entrenched in Korea is very much realized by its citizens. However, according to them the way the outside media reported this was quite disappointing.