How You Get the Advantages of Condo Investment

Condominium investment is often a hot topic of conversation among property investment activists because it promises such huge profits. However, before going to talk more about the advantages you can get when choosing the condo investment with Amber Park , do you know what makes condo and apartment different? Indeed, in the development of ownership rights, now apartments and condominiums do not have such a big difference.

Actually, apartments and condominiums are quite different if they refer to their ownership rights. Sure you must know this even before buying Amber Park condo unit for your investment. The apartment is a term used to indicate vertical occupancy for rent, while condominiums are apartments owned by each occupant. Thus, condominiums refer to building usufructuary rights, while apartments emphasize physical buildings. No wonder why many property investors look at condo investments. This is due to various beneficial factors as follows.

To be able to find the right choice, an investor must know the purpose of the investment, therefore it must be seen the investment interests, namely for the short term or the long term. Short-term condo investment means investors have the interest in purchasing the Amber Park condo unit before construction and will then be resold after the unit is finished. While in long-term condo investments, investors will buy and sell it again in the next 5-10 years.

For investors, the location selection seems like the factor that contributes to creating success. Strategic location with the right target is definitely the important requirement. That’s why Amber Park can be the right choice for you and other investors. Not only that, investors must consider how the achievements of condo development. Preferably, investors do not buy condominiums from development with a very large number of units, because of the condo sales rise, it can be quite hard to resell more units.

To get the benefit of condominium, the investor can buy the unit during Pre-sale, then, the unit is sold when the condo is ready. For condominiums that are sold for 2-3 years after construction is completed, they can get a profit of up to 80%. In this way, you can start condo investment with lower funds and with large profits, but make sure you choose a developer who is well-known and has a sales reputation that is clearly proven.