The Danger of Consuming Heroin While Pregnant

Using drugs while pregnant will have a very serious impact on the development of babies from the womb until he grows up. Some effects that can occur when using drugs during pregnancy are a miscarriage, low baby weight, placental disorders, to maternal and fetal death. If you are addicted to drugs, you can visit our website to join the drug addiction treatment center.

When you are pregnant, whatever you consume, the fetus in the womb also consumes it. If you eat healthy foods, your baby will feel the benefits. But on the contrary, if you take drugs while pregnant, your baby can also be a ‘drug user’. Why? Because every substance that enters your body will flow through your veins to the placenta and then to the baby.

Through the placenta, babies get the intake to grow. So, if you take illegal drugs, even though they are of the little level, they can still affect the condition of the baby in the womb and when he is born. Drug use while pregnant also has the potential to cause placental disorders that can harm the mother and fetus.

Taking heroin during pregnancy can cause serious harm to your baby. One of them is the inhibition of fetal growth in the womb. Development of the baby’s brain is also at risk of being disrupted. Miscarriage, giving birth to a baby prematurely and stillbirth can also occur due to heroin use. When newly born, the baby is at risk of breathing difficulties, low body weight, low blood sugar, bleeding in the brain, and drug withdrawal symptoms such as continuous crying, seizures, diarrhea, fever, sleep disorders, and stiff joints. Afterward, when he grows up, his behavior risks being more problematic than other children. The little one is also at risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis C if his mother uses heroin with a syringe. Syringes make the wearer vulnerable to the two diseases. Mothers affected by Hepatitis C and HIV are very at risk of transmitting the two diseases to their children, especially to pregnant women who do not receive treatment.