The Ramadhan month is certainly awaited, not least for us millennial generation. Even a few weeks ahead of Ramadan, there are many things that can be done to welcome the blessed month. Distance and time now are no longer an obstacle to communication without having to meet in person.

Current technological advancements make us able to draw unique messages in the form of pictures or videos about apologies and ramadhan greetings to welcome the fasting month. With applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Telegram and others we can make Video Calls with family, or friends who are far apart to treat longing. Maybe status updates have become the daily habits of social media users. However, it will certainly adjust to the moment that is happening. Not only send apologies, apologies are usually also updated on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Airplane ticket prices, trains, ships usually will go up during the fasting month.

Especially when going home Lebaran. For this reason, most people will usually find tickets early to get a low price. Today, with the ease of ordering tickets online, it is easier to find tickets at the expected price. Homecoming can be not just before Lebaran. Those who migrate not far from their hometown, usually going home early in the fasting month, so they can enjoy the first meal with their family. The culture of wearing new clothes when Eid is certainly not separated from the habits of the Indonesian people. Some people will be busy thinking about what clothes will be used when Eid, and visiting home relatives. Even before the fasting month, many have started to buy clothes. Especially for the millennial generation, the convenience of online shopping is a choice. In addition to various items found, we can also find the appropriate price. However, you must be careful not to be fooled or buy wrong.

Ramadan is often used as a place for reuniting with friends, work colleagues or school alumni. Even before entering Ramadhan, a schedule for breaking fast together was planned.

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