Setting the strategy when getting prospects is an important action that must be done by the salesperson in targeting new customers. This will work more effectively if the salesperson is able to choose prospects by gradually filtering through lead scoring to find potential leads that have sales potential to increase the productivity of the salesperson itself.

If you don’t use software that can help you monitor all sales activities and processes, you will certainly lose a lot of very important benefits in increasing your sales. You can consider sales lead management instead. If you want to monitor leads with better lead scoring, here are the things you need to do.

1. Organizing and segmenting leads

Are these leads included as qualified leads or not, can the lead only arrive at marketing qualifications, sales qualifications, prospects, potential or will become a customer? All of this you need to correct first before continuing the process. When you cannot organize leads with the right segmentation in the screening process, the potential for losing a lot of time from this process is even greater.

2. Increase efficiency

Lead scoring does sound like a simple process because the salesperson only needs to provide points of evaluation for leads. However, in reality, this process is a very difficult process and requires unusual hard work from the salesperson to get maximum results at the end of the process. One way to increase efficiency in lead scoring is to qualify them based on response leads via email, their willingness to contact the company, taking the time when the salesperson contacts and the value of needs relevant to the product.

3. A faster reporting system

The sales team’s report system can also influence your team to work more efficiently in determining lead scoring. If you use a manual report system, how long does it take to process data for its work report? If this can be done faster, how many target leads have the sales team got? Improve your team’s report with cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM), so that the sales team can send reports at any time without having to wait back to the office.

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